Looking for the most experienced ophthalmologist to handle your glaucoma surgery in Richmond, Virginia? The kind of doctor that you choose will determine whether you get the perfect outcome or not. An ideal surgeon should be conveniently located, experienced and in possession of the kind of technology that will make the process successful.  It is important to note that ophthalmologist are qualified to perform various ocular procedures and you should select one who specializes in glaucoma. Before you visit any surgeon, it is essential to prepare a list of important questions that will help you decide whether a particular surgeon is right for the job or not. That said, this article comes to your aid, guiding you through the process of finding the best richmond va glaucoma surgeon.



Look for the right credentials



Regardless of their level of experience, the surgeon that you choose should have the right certification, precisely from the board of ophthalmology. This certification is an assurance that the doctor possesses the right training and skill too handle the surgery. A background check should as well be carried out, to determine whether the doctor has any history of malpractices.

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Check out the surgical center



The center in which your surgery will be carried out is just as important as the process itself. Most of this information will be available online on the center’s website. Review issues such as their infection rate after surgery. Under normal circumstances, you are advised to do away with centers which have a history of such incidents. If it is more than one isolated incident of after-surgery infections, such a center should be avoided



Quality of service



The kind of service that you receive from the consultation stage will indicate the kind of surgery that you expect. Professional and experienced eye surgeons offer an excellent client service from the first stage, availing their services when need. Such surgeons will offer clear communication channels and avail all the information that you need. Before settling on a Richmond ophthalmologist, therefore, request for documentation to know the kind of procedure that you will undergo and all the steps that will be undertaken before you are discharged.



Request for referrals



If you haven’t been seen by an eye surgeon before, perhaps it is good to take referrals from people that have. Right from family doctors to friends and relatives, there are several people to direct you to the best surgeon that they know of. Getting referrals from people that have undergone the process before will be a great deal because you will have most of your questions answered before you even see the surgeon.



Sample out a number of surgeons



Before settling on a particular surgeon, sample out a few and compare their services. Take into account each doctor’s credentials, certification, licensing, history and the amount that they charge.  On average, glaucoma surgery costs $4,650 per eye. Get quotations from each of the surgeons and weigh all the essential considerations before settling on one that you consider the best. At the end of the day, settle on a surgeon that you are comfortable with. In essence, you should trust your instincts while making the choice.



Having considered all your potential Richmond, Va. glaucoma specialist, you will need to meet your person of choice severally to discuss important matters relating to the surgery. Ensure you understand all the possible remedies and settle on a procedure that will give you the best outcome. With all these factors in mind, the procedure will be gratifying, with a pleasant outcome as well.